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Bands Make Her Dance

Bands Make Her Dance

Jk, but really this band workout is a great building foundation. You can increase the amount of reps for each exercise to add a little fire, and decrease the reps to ease in as needed. A video of these exercises can be found on our IG page, just scroll past the picture above!

We used a medium resistance band, and recommend starting light to moderate and working up to heavier resistance.

Place the band right above the knees:

  • Keeping the foot on the ground drop your right knee in and out, 15 reps, repeat on the left.

  • Squat Jumps, 15 reps

  • Bridge your hips up and down, pausing at the top for 3 seconds, 15 reps:

  • Take 15 squat steps forward and 15 steps backward

Place the band just below the knees:

  • Start standing, drop into a wide squat with toes turned out, 15 reps

Place bands just above wrists and complete this series 15x:

  • Walk hands from shoulder width to just outside shoulders one hand at a time

  • Push back to down dog

  • Roll straight forward to a tricep push-up

With bands just above wrists still, rotate to your back:

  • Hold a bridge, widen your arms and descend to chest, pause for 3 seconds at the bottom, 15x

On your back place bands around the top of your feet (dead bug pose):

  • Drop your right leg to the ground while also dropping your left arm to the ground, pause at the bottom for 3 seconds

  • Switch sides dropping left leg and right arm, pause for 3 seconds, repeat 15x each side

Bands above wrists on hands and knees:

  • Hover knees above the ground and take 15 later movements left, 15 right

  • Hover knees above the ground, bear crawl 15 steps forward and 15 backward

Standing with Bands just above ankles:

  • Squat and lift right leg then left leg without leaning entire body to the side. 15x each side

For best results move slow and controlled. Repeat this sequence 2-5 times though depending on intent of difficulty. As you start to move through the changing of the bands will get easier!

Here’s a playlist to help get you though, this one’s a burner!

Bands Make Her Dance Playlist

What is "Plyo?" + 45 min workout

What is "Plyo?" + 45 min workout