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Dumbbell Only, Gym

Dumbbell Only, Gym


We believe that having a balance between cardio and strength training is important for overall health, and effectiveness. We follow a strength training program from The Academy TPC in Sacramento (more on them later) but that isn’t always accessible. This is the first of a series of “quickie” strength workouts. Think minimal equipment, fast paced, and perfect for when you’re traveling, have access to minimal equipment, or on a time crunch!

Equipment needed: Moderately heavy dumbbells, optional bosu ball

Warm up: 10min, jog or fast-paced walk

Circuit 1: 12 dumbbell burpees- with push up and jump at the top & 12 dumbbell thrusters- squat to shoulder press. 4x through. 1 min rest between rounds

Circuit 2: 10 (each side) dumbbell pushup with row- try to keep your hips square to the ground & 20 single weight V-ups- hold one weight over head and bring to toes, no strain in the neck. abs only! 4x, 1 min rest between rounds

Circuit 3: 10 (each side) side lunges holding dumbbells- keep knee tracked over toes & 20 dumbbell chest press- alternate wide and narrow. For added difficulty perform chest press on bosu ball, keeping hips lifted. 4x, 1min rest between rounds

Circuit 4: 20 jump squats- option to hold one or two dumbbells for added difficulty, bicep curls- until failure (dumbbells should be moderately heavy, complete until form fails), & 1 min forearm to hands plank up-downs- alternate from forearms to hands, keep hips as square as possible. To modify hold forearm plank. 4x, 1 min rest between rounds

Cool down: 10 min jog or uphill walk. Stretch as needed

Simple, minimal equipment, and effective! Keep moving, the shorter the breaks, the better. Challenge yourself effectively with the weight of your dumbbells. The last couple reps of each exercise should be difficult, and as always, the goal is breathless! Let us know how it goes, tag us on IG or comment below!

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