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Can You Keep Up? Cardio

Can You Keep Up? Cardio

It’s no secret that a solid cardio blast is a go-to workout for everyone. Our specialty is using MUSIC as the driving force of our killer workouts, but that doesn’t have to be limited to the cycle room! Kristi has created a “rhythm-based” cardio blast series that can be done ANYWHERE. All you need to do is get up and go, and let the music carry you! Here’s how it goes:

Total workout time: 33:00. Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/kristi.randel/playlist/7y8FduoFLYYegTqPIE63RE?si=IBlJn941RJSJImTKj7O8IQ

Song 1: “Whoa” Warm-up, brisk walk, let’s get moving.

Song 2: “Raging” Warm-up, start picking up the pace, preferably to a jog (don’t go all out just yet, trust)

Song 3: “Dreamer” Jog to run. When the beat drops take off running, 30 seconds. When the music drops out slow down to your jog. You will have about a 2:00 recovery, plenty of time! When the beat drops a second time take off running again, 30 seconds. See how this goes? Find the jog for the remainder of the song (It’s short)

Song 4: “Bad Liar” Endurance. Keep the steady pace of the beat for the entire song, this should be a challenging but manageable pace!

Song 5: “United” Sprints. Time to get breathless! The first sprint comes in fast, and it’s LONG. Pace yourself, but push yourself. When that beat drops TAKE OFF! Try not to back down until the beat drops out. it’s about 1:40 (I know, but if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you amiright?). You’ll have a nice little recovery, you can walk quickly or keep a light jog. One more sprint is coming your way, it’s much shorter, so go for it! When that beat drops sprint for :30 to the end of the song. Whew. glad that’s over.

Song 6: “In My Mind” Fast Jog. Right back at it, try to hold on to a moderate jog for this one. This is intended as an active recovery. There are a couple little drops, if you catch them, speed up a tad :)

Song 7: “Siren” Jog to run. You’ve been here before. Keep that steady jog, when the beat drops pick it up to a run. 2 sets, 30 seconds, you got this! Back to the jog in between sets- no walking yet.

Song 8: “Don’t Kill My High” Recovery. Light jog, walk, whatever you need to do to recover, just don’t stop moving because the work isn’t over just yet.

Song 9: “Humble Remix” Challenge, run to sprints. You know the drill, the idea is to empty the tank. Start with a run, when the beat drops SPRINT. Everything you got. Set 1, 45 seconds. Slow back down to your run, but don’t back off all the way. One more good set, balls to the wall sprint to the finish, just :30! You better be breathless!

Song 10: “Forever Right Now” Cool down. Light jog, or brisk walk. You made it.

Don’t think too much, read the guide and let the music carry you. Comment and let us know how it goes. You got this!

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