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Let's talk about FOOD & Tacos

Let's talk about FOOD & Tacos

We LOVE food, who doesn’t? It’s no secret that we’re plant based, so let’s quickly touch on why, and the parameters around our diet.

We have been plant based for 10 years, I like to say ‘before it was cool’ (but also LOVE that celebs like Beyonce are getting on board and making it cool.) It started the summer between my junior and senior year of college, when I accidentally came across a book titled “Skinny Bitch.” I know what you’re thinking, but it was crazy informative. While the content of the book talked a lot about the health benefits of veganism, it was the animal cruelty that really got me. I had never thought about where my food was coming from, but once I did I decided I wasn’t willing to contribute to that industry anymore. 10 years ago we were full blown meat eaters, with Italian blood, but right then I committed to a vegan diet and stopped eating meat and dairy from that day forward.

At the time I was a college athlete (maybe I’ll elaborate on that someday) and was active. As a new vegan I dropped almost 30 pounds without trying, my skin was glowing, my hair got shiny and my nails grew stronger. I was eating more frequently than ever, and I felt AWESOME. I recruited my sisters to become vegan pretty quickly, and as time passed it extended to most of our family.

Over the years we have become less strict with our diet, so now we refer to ourselves as “plant based.” We eat fully vegan most of the time, but on occasion enjoy ice cream like everyone else. Chelsea also has hens, and we eat their eggs when they are laying. As I mentioned, we eat this way strictly because we love animals, but the health benefits are awesome too.

We are full-time group fitness instructors, and living proof that strong athletes can be plant based. This diet has withstood the test of time for us, and we’re sticking to it. We don’t take supplements, go out of our way to eat extra protein or do anything weird outside of making sure we eat a well balanced diet. We workout multiple times a day most days (for work) and have plenty of energy from plants. We now have a ton of knowledge on how to successfully maintain a plant based diet, and we love talking about it, so we’ll definitely blog more about this later.

As you can imagine we’ve tried A LOT of imitation meat, and to be honest we don’t like most of it. Beyond Meat is hands down our favorite brand of plant based “meat,” and so far we’ve tried the burgers and most recently the “beyond beef crumbles.” That’s what we use to make TACOS:

This meal is so damn easy, takes hardly any time to prep, and is delicious. All you need is the Beyond Meat “beyond beef crumbles,” some taco seasoning, your favorite toppings, and tortillas- we use small corn. Sometimes we also eat this with refried black beans and Spanish rice to add more substance, up to you.

Our biggest tip is to be careful not to over cook the “beef” because it can get super chewy. Think of it more like heating up versus cooking. Add the taco seasoning to taste, we never add the whole pack, and stir everything around while it heats.

Our favorite taco toppings include: avocado, diced red onions, shredded lettuce with Trader Joe’s cilantro dressing, cabbage with the same dressing, diced tomatoes, vegan cheese, and fresh cilantro. Total prep time is literally less than 15 minutes, and this is one of our favorite meals!

PS: you don’t have to be vegetarian to enjoy Beyond Meat products, they’re THAT good!

Let us know how you like it, and we’ll continue to share our super EASY plant based meals.

Balance In Your Diet

Balance In Your Diet